Importance of Health Insurance

Health insurance is important even if you are in a good form of your health. You can never anticipate when you or any of your family members will fall sick or meet with an accident. But if you have health insurance cover you can easily get medical care whenever you require it. Minor medical expenses are bearable but what if the illness or injury is major? Having a medical insurance can save you from such worst situations. Some people often think that they have easy access to medical care as there are so many critical care centres in the country. But the medical expenses generated by critical illness can discourage you and health insurance covers them all. You will find the conditions covered by the health insurance in the policy statement. You need to check all the points given in the health insurance policy before purchasing it since Health policy is a legal agreement and you cannot amend any condition later. The price that we need to pay for this policy is known as premium. This legal contract provides money to the policyholder to cover his medical expenses.

Why to go for Health Insurance Plans

Good Health is very essential in every person’s life. If you are healthy you can achieve your objects in life. A fit body always motivates us to accept challenges in life and move forward. Having proper health insurance helps you to forget about health related worries. It reduces the financial burden arising due to any medical emergency. You can buy health insurance policy from agents or through insurance companies.

The major various health policies covered by these agencies are:

Individual health insurance: This policy is specially intended particularly for individuals. Under this policy, only single person is insured. If you have Individual health insurance then you are liable for the hospitalization benefits that include pre and post hospitalization costs.

Family floater health plans: This insurance policy is intended to cover all the members of a family under single insurance policy. It is very useful as you have facility to buy an umbrella policy also which can cover every member of the family.

Critical illness: This policy is complementary to main health insurance policy. It provides cover for medical treatment of critical illnesses and organ transplant.

Senior citizen health insurance: It is meant for persons above 65 years of age. An individual is most susceptible to medical emergencies after 65 years his life and this insurance helps him to stay independent and relaxed at that stage of life with proper medical treatment security.