Digital media plays an important role in the field of Real Estate

Real Estate field is full of gimmicks by the real estate agency holders. So, you should be aware while contacting any contractor or real estate agency. Few of the real estate gimmicks are as below:

  • “They have a buyer for your home”
    Real estate agents get in touch with the potential sellers buy any of the manner say by post, letter of by telephone saying that they have a buyer for their home that too at a very good price. This is nothing true but just the good marketing trick. If the agent really has any buyer for your home he should have come to you with an offer and the buyer itself not only with the absurd tasks. Therefore, it means that the agent just want to get other’s attention.
  • “This property is certainly for you – May it won’t last.”
    The real estate agents who are good at their work they don’t sell houses; but they do help the potential buyers they help buyers by finding a best home that they can afford. Therefore, just be aware. If you notice any kind of pressure by the real estate agent on you there is something wrong. Sometimes the agents want to play the game of ‘double end’ that is they may ask for the commission from the buyer as well from the seller. This is also not a bad thing but you should not get pressurized by the agent to buy or sell or your home.
  • “If there is no buyer for your home, I’ll purchase it.”
    Some real estate agents follow a tactic to give an offer to the seller that if there is no buyer for his home, he will buy it definitely. This is not the case of dishonesty but the seller need to sign a contract having all the details. This way the agents can get many more clients. But the main problem with this scenario is that the seller may get fewer prices for his property finding that there no one is ready to buy his home. Don’t trust anyone blindly. Always try to find out an honest agent.
  • “This is a bidding war in this price.”
    Few buyers become competitive to each other that mean a bidding war may occur if there is more than one buyer for the same house. The main advantage of it is that the price of the property goes up. And the seller gets a deal which is more than the worth.
  • “Agent says that he is the biggest and the best.”
    There are some agents who might be working since decades, they might have invested a lot of money on this business and some may have good referrals and in turn very good profits. But this is not the only point that you consider them trustworthy by seeing their track record. Because everyone, buyer or seller, wants to get a good reputed agent to sell/buy. And they do offer large bucks of commission for it. However, most of the agents who are dealing many houses say 50 to 60 at a single time; they must not be having much time for you. And they use a team of incumbents so they may assign any of their assistant for your deal who he just a novice in this field.

Never trust the gimmicks

Finding that a very less agents are trust worthy and having a glance on all these gimmicks how you can find a good and trustworthy agent for your deal. So whenever you are planning to buy or sell any property you should either look for an agent online and people’s review over there or find the best one for your deal. As, these days several real estate agents used to create online resources to inform and inspire the customers Or another option is to stay in touch with your friends and get the referrals by them for an agent so that you may get a trustworthy person. After finding the one, just tell him your maximum prospects or budget and let him come up with a better option than your expectations. This process would be something that is called worthy paying the agent.

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